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LEAP (Literacy Enrichment 4 Academic Progress) – Begins Tuesday 9/19 and all other Tuesdays this academic year! Purpose of LEAP? To improve your reading skills – that include listening, speaking, and writing skills – that are essential to your success this year! Each week you will have lessons to guide, enhance, and enrich your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.


** Extra Support outside the classroom? Tutoring?

Griffin Middle school is pleased to announce that we will be offering Morning and Afternoon Tutoring opportunities and Saturday School to assist students throughout the 2017-2018 school year.  These opportunities are offered at no cost and students will receive extra help from Griffin Middle School teachers to help improve their academic performance and to assist in their preparation for the Georgia Milestones Assessment.


Unit One is all about understanding...The Challenge of Heroism – Because this word is used every day – in television shows, movies, video games, books, the news, school, and conversations – we rarely take time to actually think about what it means. Students will research, read, and write to develop a more complex understanding of this important societal and cultural concept. This week we’ll discuss the expectations of our upcoming (summative assessment) Narrative & Presentation

Thank you parents for all you do to help me support your student!


Read Theory begins Monday 12 September 2017 for all AC students! Parents please ask you student about their weekly homework task on Read Theory and for their teacher issued usernames & passwords. Students will be given progress checks routinely and often each week for formative assessment scores. Usernames and passwords for this web based program will be issued during the week of 5-8 September.

  • All students will be moving within a range of levels at all times so that they will be continually challenged. This provides for maximum differentiation and individualized learning. Our site is fully interactive and responsive, so students will only ever see content based on their previous performance.
  • Each time a student passes a full quiz (scores between 70% and 89%), the student remains at the same level. If the student fails the quiz (scores 69% or less), then the quiz is replaced into the pool of available quizzes and the student’s level decreases. If the student performs outstandingly on the quiz (scores 90% or more), the student’s level increases. In each case, a new quiz will be randomly drawn from the appropriate pool of available quizzes at the student’s level.


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Parent Letter & Permission Form English
Parent Letter & Permission Form Spanish

Tranportation will be provided to students. Please read the attached forms for details & complete the necessary permission slips for your student to participate in tutoring and transporation services. Thank you, Wildcats!